Without the responsible evaluation of project proposals, there would be no high-quality projects. With support from the SFIVET, Movetia is building on its evaluation skills with an internal continuing training course.

Structured evaluation management is not just a decisive factor in the work carried out by Movetia but is also, and above all, very important for project promoters. Movetia provides information on and promotes exchange and mobility opportunities; but that’s not all it does. A large part of its work involves evaluating the project proposals submitted to it. Evaluation refers to the process of assessing a project according to certain criteria.

A high standard of evaluation management and clear structures are especially important to Movetia. That’s why the employees have taken part in an internal training course, in order to increase their evaluation expertise. Besides that expertise, the participating employees also learn how to develop and apply evaluation concepts.

Movetia is supported in this by the Evaluation Unit of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET). The internal CET course was led by Professor Lars Balzer, Head of the Evaluation Unit of the SFIVET. Lars Balzer is an expert in project, research and publishing activities.