Tuesday, 30th August

Movetia’s mission has never been more relevant after a two-year health crisis: to enable all young people to undertake an exchange or mobility at least once during their education. In order to achieve this national objective and to restore the desire to go and discover, the national agency is launching the “learningbygoing” communication campaign on Tuesday, 30 August 2022. The campaign is aimed directly at young people by means of the best tool for mobility, the shoe. Experiencing an exchange in Switzerland or abroad for training purposes strengthens young people’s professional and personal skills as well as the country's training system.

Some key skills cannot be learned at school. In order to acquire them, one has to leave and discover new horizons. Motivating young people to make their own experiences, to develop personally while learning another language, a new culture and professional skills is what Movetia has been encouraging and supporting for five years. The national exchange and mobility agency, commissioned by the Confederation and the cantons, is launching a national communication campaign on Tuesday, 30 August 2022. The aim of this communication campaign is to fulfil the vision of the national strategy that all young people should undertake an exchange or mobility at least once during their education.

Bringing about social change

Movetia’s ambition is to popularise the vision of the national strategy so that exchange and mobility become a reality. This campaign aims to motivate young people to move, to get out of their comfort zone, to discover new horizons and ultimately to bring about this social change. The added value of such an experience is extremely enriching for young people. Exchanges and mobility help to develop important professional and personal skills, and of course language skills. These skills make it easier for them to enter the labour market. The development of exchanges and mobility also represents additional value for the Swiss education system and for the economy, which benefit from new impetus. It also promotes national cohesion and international openness in Switzerland.

A strong political will

Movetia was founded in 2017 by the federal government and the cantons as part of a national strategy to improve the qualifications of young people and the quality of education in Switzerland. The role of the national agency is to coordinate and financially support exchange, mobility and cooperation activities with a view to strengthening them both qualitatively and quantitatively. Movetia offers and supports numerous programmes at various levels of education for individuals and groups in Switzerland and abroad. With this campaign and its other promotional measures, Movetia expects an annual growth of 5 to 10% in the number of mobility opportunities in Switzerland and abroad. It will also be necessary to adapt the financial means of the future education, research and innovation (ERI) promotion to support this growth.

Shoes as a symbol

Shoes in a variety of colours and styles, on the feet of restless legs. This is the symbol of the “learningbygoing” campaign. The shoe as symbol of mobility and the need to move and discover new horizons. The campaign is based on the learningbygoing, which provides a wealth of information on exchange and mobility opportunities and how to realise them.

Schools and educational institutions are invited to promote the campaign by ordering materials for display in schools and by downloading numerous digital elements for use in digital media. A competition will be held via social networks. Everyone is welcome to participate in this campaign.