Brainstorming in the morning and an afternoon on the water.

The day started with a panoramic view over Delémont and the canton of Jura from the top floor of the Campus Strate J and a welcome from Geneviève Le Fort, Deputy Director of the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland). Inspired and fortified, the colleagues then got the brainstorming workshop underway. Working in groups, the Movetia team set down on paper a wide range of new exchange and mobility ideas.

How these newly planted seeds of potential projects grow and develop will be decided in the next workshop in July.

Then, the most promising and exciting contributions will be consolidated in greater depth. From Delémont, they ventured a bit further still into the canton of Jura to St. Ursanne. In two-man canoes, Movetia paddled down the Doubs. Back in the Centre du Tourisme, the excursion was rounded off nicely with an excellent early evening drink in the neighbouring canton of Solothurn.