Over a two-year period, class 6Gc from the cantonal school in Chur visited four partner schools in various minority language regions across Europe. The School Exchange Partnership afforded students many valuable experiences, of which an increased awareness of their own language and culture was just one. 

The Swiss closing festival of the European ‘Champions of Languages and Minorities’ Schools Exchange Partnership was held in Chur on 28 March. This was an opportunity to present the results of the project work between schools in Finland, Wales, Scotland, Poland, Switzerland and the South Tyrol to the public. Students from the cantonal school of Grisons took part in the project as representatives of Rheto-Romansh. Movetia provided financial support to the project within the framework of the Swiss programme for Erasmus+ and attended the closing festival. The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation and the Swiss Teachers Association (LCH) reported on the event.

The Swiss teachers involved in the project, Werner Carigiet and Christopher Fannin, were convinced of the project’s benefits and potential from the outset. This was also why they were so deeply committed to giving students from a bilingual German-Romansh class this unique exchange opportunity. The LCH report features feedback from students as well as project supervisors. They emphasise that the intercultural exchange and project work were the result of a change in perspective, which would have taken years of normal classroom lessons to be achieved, if ever.