Vocational traineeships are a tradition in the agricultural sector. Therefore, it is easy to see why OdA AgriAliForm and Movetia also offer young farmers the opportunity to do a traineeship abroad during their apprenticeship. 

Traineeships abroad are not only for people working in the service industry; they have long played an important role in the agricultural sector. The OdA AgriAliForm, an association with 10 member organisations from the field of agriculture and the equine industry, is dedicated to vocational education and training. As a beneficiary of funding from Movetia, it offers interested young people the chance to complete a traineeship abroad. Applicants can complete a traineeship in Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands or Ireland, for example. 

These days, the aim is to convince young farmers and professionals in related fields of the importance of a stay abroad and to explain the benefits of a traineeship. On the one hand, farms abroad receive a helping hand from Switzerland; on the other, participants get the opportunity to engage in professional and cultural development. 

Christel Steger, an apprentice farmer from eastern Switzerland, completed such a traineeship abroad and got to experience how agriculture is practised in Ireland. She would recommend a traineeship abroad to anyone. 

You’ll find offers of traineeships abroad for individuals (apprentices) from agriculture and the equine industry here.