Handelsschule KV Aarau has found an appealing way of enabling its trainees to gain work experience in the UK. This kind of exchange and mobility is still unusual on the Swiss educational landscape.  

Since 2015, every keen student at the Handelsschule KV Aarau (commercial school in Aarau) has had the opportunity to work for four weeks in a business entreprise in Plymouth or Portsmouth. An international VET work placement enables workers of the future not only to gain professional experience but also to improve their language and social skills. The commercial school recognised the need for and importance of these skills early on.

Students at the commercial school who would like to experience a period of mobility live with an English family for 4 weeks (short haul) and complete work experience training in a carefully selected company. A 9-month stay (long haul) with a host family is also possible. Likewise, a work placement with a company is also completed during that time. You will find the most important information and further details on how it all works in the brochure (DE).

A work placement abroad is worthwhile not only in the short term. The long-term benefit for trainees who complete a work placement is that it makes them more attractive to the labour market. There are not, as yet, many workers who can show that they have practical experience of working abroad.

There are also numerous advantages for host companies. As an open-minded and attractive employer, you remain competitive. What’s more, you benefit from motivated, well-educated trainees who have grown more self-confident, independent and innovative and, thus, can breathe new life into your business. So, it’s no surprise that companies in the region are showing interest in the project and are pleased to make their own contribution to it. An increasing number of local businesses are sponsoring the project and want to take active steps to offer VET trainees this unique opportunity.