There are a few points to bear in mind for Swiss institutions when applying to participate in Cooperation partnerships. On this page you’ll find information on the process, deadlines and all the relevant documents.

How can institutions in Switzerland take part in cooperation partnerships?

There are two ways in which institutions based in Switzerland can participate in a cooperation partnership.

1. As an official partner under the EU programme Erasmus+
Swiss institutions can participate in a cooperation partnership under Erasmus+ as official partners. In this case, all partner institutions (including Swiss partners) are supported with European funds. No application needs to be submitted in Switzerland. The European application must contain a compelling justification of the added value of Swiss participation which demonstrates that no other partner from a programme country could make the same contribution.

If the application for funding of the Swiss participation is rejected by the competent European National Agency but the funding requested by the European partner institutions is approved, the Swiss partner institution may subsequently submit an application to Movetia as an associated partner for the said project (application deadline: no later than 1 month after the negative EU funding decision.

2. As an associate partner under the Swiss programme for Erasmus+
Swiss institutions can participate in a cooperation project under Erasmus+ as associate partners. In this case, the Swiss institution is funded by Movetia within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+. The following basic conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Besides the Swiss institution, at least three partner institutions from three different programme countries must be involved in the project (except for youth work where two partner institutions suffice).
  • The project must be coordinated by a partner institution outside Switzerland. This institution then submits the application for funding of the cooperation partnership to the competent national agency in the relevant country.
  • The institution based in Switzerland submits its own, shorter application to Movetia.
  • Swiss participation in a cooperation partnership under Erasmus+ can only be funded if the competent European national agency approves funding of the project. 

How does the application process work for associate partners?

  1. Learn more about the content of the European project and make sure the coordinating institution provides you with the Erasmus+ application in good time. You’ll need this for the application to Movetia.
  2. Get involved in preparing the European project application and make sure that it mentions your involvement.
  3. Request a written invitation to participate from the coordinating institution.
  4. Complete the Swiss application form and request the budget for your participation based on that of the partners. Submit the signed application on time together with all the additional attachments by email (for deadlines, see right-hand column). The relevant attachments are listed in the application form. The Movetia application deadlines are two weeks later than the Erasmus+ application deadline or 1 month after the negative decision of the competent European National Agency to participate in the project as an official partner.

The guide "Cooperation Partnerships 2024" contains further relevant information on the application and implementation of a cooperation project.

At which education level should the application be submitted to Movetia?

The Swiss application should always be submitted for the same education level as the European application (school education, vocational education and training, higher education, youth work, adult education). If the coordinating institution is unsure about which education level to assign the project to, they should contact their competent national agency. Normally, the topic and objectives of the project determine the education level to which the project should be assigned. 

Which criteria does Movetia use to assess applications?

Movetia only assesses the Swiss institution’s contribution to a cooperation partnership. It evaluates what impact the project will have in Switzerland. A mandatory criterion under the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ is that the project must make a contribution to the education policy goals of the federal government and cantons (for youth work, the federal government‘s youth policy goals apply).

More detailed information on the evaluation criteria can be found in the guide "Cooperation Partnerships 2024".

What happens after the application deadline?

The coordinating institution will usually receive a grant decision from the national agency responsible for Erasmus+ in its country around four months after the application deadline. The Swiss applicant should always inform Movetia of this decision. If the decision is positive, Movetia reviews the application from the Swiss institution in line with the criteria mentioned above. After 30–60 days the Swiss institution will receive a grant decision from Movetia. 

Application deadline

For School education, Vocational education and training, Higher education, Adult education and Youth Work:

Swiss applications to Movetia must be submitted in parallel with the corresponding Erasmus+ application, i.e. in the same application round of the same year.

2nd deadline
EU submission deadline: 1st October 2024
Movetia submission deadline: 15th October 2024

Submit an application

The following forms must not be filled in by institutions of higher education, only by private or public organisations:


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