According to a survey conducted by the institute gfs.bern, 88% of Swiss voters think that Swiss access to education and research programmes, in particular Erasmus+ and Horizon, is a key argument in favour of bilateral agreements with the EU. The absence of collaboration in this field brings with it a risk of Swiss education and research institutions falling behind and becoming isolated.

In a survey, the gfs.berne Institute evaluated various arguments in favour of the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union. In June 2020, 88% of Swiss people strongly agreed or often agreed that access to education and research programmes is a compelling argument in favour of cooperation with Europe - the highest proportion compared to the other arguments requested.

Since the last survey, this argument has gained new supporters who believe that the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU have many advantages in terms of education and research.

The general public nevertheless believes there is a risk of Switzerland becoming isolated and thus falling behind its European counterparts if its education and research institutions do not maintain very close ties with the Erasmus+ and Horizon programmes operated by the EU.

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