Call to all international relations offices in higher education institutions (HEI): share your material! Universities around the world are sharing their materials online to help other institutions to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Solidarity and support are welcome in these special times. Many universities are sharing their useful documents to other institutions. You too, you can participate.

Supports for international students (psychological effects)

A webpage, created by WIILLIAM*, is providing information and tools to help maintain contact and psychological support for international students during the current corona pandemic. All the HEI can share their materials on this webpage. The content (model of letters, exercises against anxiety, FAQ …) is growing and updated every day.

*WILLIAM is a consortium of 12 Israeli and European institutions that work to advance Internationalization at Home. It is co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Safety during mobility

The Coimbra Group Universities has also published Guidelines on Safety Protocols for Mobility in order to share the best practices for ensuring safety during international mobility for students and staff.

The guidelines aim to establish procedures and a communication plan to clarify the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in international mobility and to raise awareness of the importance of risk assessment and pre-mobility preparation. The universal character of the guidelines makes them useful for other security-conscious institutions as well.