Imagine thousands of people across the country working online to develop new ideas and solutions in the current crisis. This crazy project is #VersusVirus, a virtual hackathon that will take place all over Switzerland from April 3 to 5, 2020. 

The aim of the hackathon is to design, develop and test digital and analogue solutions to fight the pandemic in various areas, including education. Everyone is invited to participate: researchers, experts, specialists in a field or ordinary citizens concerned about the impact of the corona virus on society.

Movetia is a partner of #VersusVirus and has submitted a challenge entitled "The green student: academic value of mobility and collaboration". The goal is to develop ideas and solutions around the topic of exchange and mobility after the coronavirus. Mobility, exchange and cooperation are the pillars of a global education system and our intercultural society. Unfortunately, these international activities have come to a temporary standstill or are fading into the background in the current crisis. They will certainly be resumed as soon as possible. But in a context that will have changed considerably. The added value and sustainability of projects will become increasingly important.

The challenge

How can we consider forms of exchange and mobility in education and higher education that take account of these changes, that strengthen and intensify international cooperation and at the same time take into account the green, sustainable and digital dimension?

How can we motivate and support the players in the education system (schools, teachers, etc.) in this direction? 

You can register until Thursday evening 2nd April.
We look forward to your participation!