The European Association for International Education (EAIE), one of the most influential actors in the field of internationalising higher education, is opening the voting to renew the composition of its statutory bodies. Several Swiss candidates are in the running.

As a centre of expertise in internationalising higher education, the European Association for International Education provides numerous services stretching beyond the annual conference of the EAIE. Through its working groups and different platforms, the EAIE facilitates networking activities, dialogue with regard to best practices and thus the development of expertise and competences among its members.

Elections from 6 to 24 April 2020

In addition to appointing a new Vice President, numerous other posts are to be filled in the working groups. Several Swiss candidates with experience of the higher education sector are standing:

  • Prof. Robert Buttery, Head of International Relations at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, is a candidate (incumbent on the General Council) for the post of Vice President
  • Amanda Crameri, Head of Division Higher Education in the national Movetia agency, is a candidate for the European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community
  • Erich Thaler, Head of the “Global Networks and Partnerships” Unit at the University of Basel, is a candidate (incumbent) for the position of Head of the Cooperation for Development Expert Community
  • Prof. Andrea Wehrli, Law Professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences, is a candidate (incumbent) for the Language and Culture Expert Community

It is essential for Switzerland to play a key role within the international bodies which form the tertiary education landscape. To ensure that Switzerland is represented, vote for talented ambassadors!

Amanda Crameri, candidate

Head of Division Higher Education and a member of the board at Movetia, Amanda Crameri is standing as a candidate for a position on the European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community within the European Association for International Education, EAIE. Portrait.

For more than 10 years, Amanda Crameri has brought her expertise to bear in the field of international mobility, first at the University of St.Gallen then at the ch Foundation, which transferred its remit relating to exchanges & mobility to the national Movetia agency in 2016.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

Change management is a topic that is very familiar to Amanda Crameri, who has first-hand experience of Switzerland’s direct participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme (2010-2014) and of the country’s withdrawal from the European Erasmus+ programme in 2014, together with all the adaptations this situation has required to maintain mobility between Switzerland and Europe. Playing a key role in the discussions and the creation of a temporary solution for Switzerland, she was actively involved in developing and implementing the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+, and more particularly the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (the current name of which was her own particular brainchild).


With a lively and enthusiastic temperament, Amanda Crameri is perfectly familiar with the international mobility and cooperation brief in the field of tertiary education in Switzerland and Europe. Her inclusion in the new European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community (resulting from the merger of the European Programme Management Expert Community and Network Joint Programmes) would clearly bring wide-ranging and tangible experience to the discussions. Furthermore, it would increase awareness of Swiss mobility and cooperation programmes.

Speaking four languages, including here native Italian and German together with fluent English and French, Amanda Crameri is one of those people who command our attention and are highly effective in providing solutions. She would indisputably be an ideal representative of Switzerland on the bodies of the EAIE.

Are you convinced? Take the time to vote for Amanda Crameri!