Movetia has put together the first overview of public funding programmes for youth projects. The overview on the Movetia website includes not only the programmes Movetia offers itself but also funding programmes for young people and youth projects from the federal government (Federal Office of Culture, Federal Office for Sport and Federal Office for Social Security) and from commissions (Federal Commission on Immigration, High-Rhine Commission, Upper-Rhine Conference). In this way, you can easily find the right funding instrument for you.

In addition to dedicated project managers, youth projects of all sizes usually require a minimum amount of financial support. To this end, Switzerland has a wide range of public funding programmes for young people and youth projects. However, sometimes it is difficult get an overview and understand all the different options available and which services and programmes are best suited to you and your youth project.

To help overcome this challenge, Movetia has now drawn up an overview for the first time that encompasses all sizeable public funding programmes. The overview is directly integrated into the Movetia website and the programmes can be filtered according to specific criteria. You can choose, for example, which topics the project focuses on, whether the project is conducted in Switzerland or internationally and which kind of financing is required. The use of the filter ensures that only the funding programmes that are relevant to and suitable for you are shown.

A short description is given of each programme and the most important elements summarised, along with the associated contact details and websites.

If you have some feedback or believe that a funding instrument is missing from the overview, feel free to e-mail us at any time at