The administrative management procedure of the Erasmus+ programme is going digital as part of the European Student Card Initiative. This is a mammoth project involving the rollout of a network and several tools. How will it work and will Switzerland be able to be part of this network? These questions are answered by a factsheet on the initiative compiled by Movetia in collaboration with SwissCore. 

The European Student Card Initiative brings together several European projects, three of which are central:

  1. Erasmus Without Paper (EWP)
  2. The European Student Identifier (ESI) from the MyAcademicID project
  3. The Erasmus+ app

These three projects are interconnected and create an information hub between European students, home and host institutions. The initiative is helping to create a European digital education space. Currently, it only addresses student mobility. 

Current situation for Switzerland

So far, Swiss institutions have been able to connect to EWP and test the tools. However, Movetia cannot guarantee, due to the changeover to the new programme generation 2021-27 (for example with the new Erasmus Charter for higher education), to what extent Swiss institutions will have access to the services or whether it will be (partially) blocked in the future.

Different scenarios and developments to be considered:

  • If associated to Erasmus+, Switzerland will have full access to the ESCI tools and services.
  • A partial opening of the tools and services for countries not associated to Erasmus+ is planned. When this will be implemented is not yet known and is not considered a priority.
  • Status quo: Swiss institutions are granted provisional access to certain areas. However, this access can also be revoked. 

As soon as more information is available, Movetia will update this factsheet.