Pastry chef and confectioner Alexandra Colombo completed a one-month traineeship at a London bakery and returned to Switzerland with improved English skills, new experiences and unforgettable memories. 

When Alexandra Colombo applied for a new job, she was expecting a simple yes or no, not an offer of a traineeship in London. Alexandra sent a speculative application, hoping to secure a job at the Bäckerei Vuaillat in Usters. The timing was not quite right for bakery owner Martin Mayer, but as he was so impressed with Alexandra’s application, he suggested she apply for a traineeship in London in the meantime. 

With the help of the organisation Visite, Alexandra completed a traineeship in April: she stayed with a host family, attended a week-long intensive English course and then spent three weeks working in a business.

When she returned from London with the new skills and experience under her belt, Alexandra took up the position of pastry chef-confectioner at Bäckerei Vuaillat.

You can find the full report as well as photos and further information about Visite on the website of the Swiss Bakers and Confectioners Association.