There is nothing like being immersed in a language to learn it. And as a preparation for an exchange or simply to practice on a daily basis and continue learning, there are alternatives and different tools available. Play Suisse is one example.

A streaming platform offering series, films and documentaries from all language regions of Switzerland. And all of this in at least three national languages or with subtitles. This is what SRG offers via Play Suisse.

Movetia obviously encourages exchanges and physical mobility in another language region of the country. But while waiting for the opportunity to go there, watching a series or a documentary in a language other than one's mother tongue is also very interesting. In a way, Play Suisse is also an invitation to travel. It is an opportunity to discover Swiss productions, to learn more about another region of the country, its culture, its people, its traditions or its past, and all this without language barriers, since all of them are offered in French, German and Italian, and sometimes even in Romansh. The same applies to subtitles.

Play Suisse is available free of charge on the latest smart TVs, PCs and smartphones. And there is something for all tastes and ages: the productions are classified by theme. Play Suisse defines itself as "the platform that builds new bridges between the country's cultures, bringing the Swiss closer together".

Nothing can replace a trip to another linguistic region of the country, but this tool can be complementary and perhaps inspire the desire to go and see how things are done "for real" over there.