In early February, the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) presented the most important developments from European education policy and funding programmes at the event "What's new in Brussels".

Each year, the event brings together key stakeholders from the European Commission, ACA member institutions and from the field. It thus provides an important platform for exchange. Movetia Director Olivier Tschopp contributed directly to the diverse programme this year with a panel contribution on inclusive mobility.

European Strategy for Universities

One of the highlights of the opening session was the presentation of the European Strategy for Universities. The European Commission's guidance document presents universities as beacon institutions for progress and for the dissemination of European values. It also encourages institutions to move forward in the field of green and digital transition.

Individual Mobility and Cooperation Exchanges

Numerous other contributions underpinned the policy framework with practical examples. Alicia Betts spoke about her university's (Girona) first experiences with blended mobility. Opportunities for cooperation in the higher education sector were also discussed. While the European university AURORA, for example, is working on making planning and decisions more visible to students, the European Commission is already thinking ahead about a European degree.

Details on the programme of Erasmus+ 2021-2027 and the discussed topics can be found in our report. It also provides information on the direction in which the European Commission is moving in the field of education.