Movetia is launching not one, but two calls for proposals. Through the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+, organisations and institutions at all educational levels can apply for funding for education projects in Europe. Meanwhile, through the international pilot programme, Movetia supports projects outside Europe. 

Have you always wanted to implement an innovative idea in the field of exchange and mobility? For inspiration look no further than the ICT project weeks in Shanghai, where apprentices travelled to the Chinese metropolis Shanghai to complete a three-week traineeship. Projects of this type allow students and apprentices to acquire key vocational and intercultural skills, develop their personal competencies and gain international work experience. Or how about an example from youth work? The youth exchange “Building Walls, Breaking Walls” enables young people from different countries to find common ground across cultures, borders, religions and political views, and to experience another culture and language.

Have we given you some ideas? You can apply for funding for the following two programmes now: 

Swiss Programme for Erasmus+: now also in Serbia

Following the European Commission’s official call, the annual call for the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ is now launched. This allows Swiss institutions and organisations to take part in selected programmes with Swiss funding. Apprentices and students, trainers, youth workers and staff from educational institutions can take part in mobility projects and can study, do a traineeship or complete training in Erasmus+ programme countries – which from this year now also include Serbia.  This enables them to acquire new skills and get a fresh perspective on their subject area. Cooperation projects are worthwhile for institutions and organisations to work on a topic and share good practice with European institutions. School exchange partnerships, which have facilitated school exchanges since last year, have particularly good chances of receiving funding due to the significant increase in funds at European level. The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ comprises offerings for school education, vocational education and training, higher education, youth work and adult education. 

International pilot programme with two-phase application procedure

Movetia is also funding worldwide mobility and cooperation projects for the second time. The international pilot programme (2018–2020) supports projects between institutions in Switzerland and outside Europe. They experiment with innovative approaches in international learning mobility and cooperation, thereby creating added value for the institutions involved and for the Swiss education system. At the same time, they contribute to the development of the federal government’s funding practice. The initial results and experiences are encouraging: more than 100 projects were submitted last year, which reflects the high level of interest. Seventeen projects in the various education areas received funding; the available funds for the pilot programme are limited. To reduce the workload for applicants in this second call for proposals, Movetia is introducing a two-phase application procedure. In the first phase, applicants are asked to submit a brief outline of their idea. Eligible applicants will then submit a detailed application in the second phase in the spring. All project applications for international mobility and cooperation projects can now be submitted via the online platform

Application deadlines

The application deadlines vary between 31 January 2019 and 28 March 2019 depending on the programme and educational level. The exact deadlines, detailed information and application forms can be found here on our website.