The 2022 call for exchange and cooperation projects has launched. Applications can now be submitted to Movetia. The national agency will be able to fund projects mainly in Europe with a total of around CHF 45 million. A sum larger than the one allocated for 2021. This increase is attributable to a growing political will and interest in mobility, despite the pandemic.

Anyone in the education sector wishing to set up an exchange or cooperation project in 2022 can now apply for a grant from Movetia. The 2022 call for projects launches on Thursday 25 November. Next year, almost CHF 45 million will be allocated to fund projects in Europe and around the world. That is CHF 3 million more than in 2021. This sum has been validated by the Swiss Parliament and is not dependent on future political decisions on Switzerland's association with the Erasmus+ programme. The national agency Movetia welcomes the allocation of this funding for 2022, which will be used for individual and group exchanges as well as for cooperation between educational institutions.

The number of projects submitted continues to grow

The report is very encouraging. New institutions at all levels of education have applied for an exchange or cooperation project for the first time in 2021. Despite the pandemic and two difficult years, interest in mobility is growing and the number of projects is increasing. A survey conducted by Movetia in the spring also showed that physical mobility is and will continue to be more important than virtual mobility in the future.

Accessible to everyone

Movetia's vision, which is in line with the national strategy, is to give all young people the opportunity to experience a long-term exchange and mobility project at least once during their education. Movetia's grants are intended to enable everyone to implement a project, not just those who have the financial means to do so.

The importance of soft skills

The launch of the 2022 call for projects is also an opportunity to emphasise the importance of participating in an exchange for personal development. Valuable language skills are acquired during mobility, but also important social skills, which are increasingly sought after in the professional world, such as flexibility, autonomy, open-mindedness and empathy.

Cooperation enables training institutions to progress, to raise their level of education through the sharing of skills and experience, to develop their network and to become more appealing as an employer.

Exchanges are particularly valuable for individuals, while cooperation is an important element in the development of institutions. Together, they are necessary to improve the educational system in Switzerland.