The risk of becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus has now spread to virtually all regions of the world, resulting in severe mobility restrictions. As a result, there is an elevated risk of containment measures and/or border closures, which may make it more difficult to leave or enter Switzerland.

Many countries have introduced additional entry regulations, such as body temperature checks or medical examinations, border closures, quarantine or entry bans for persons from affected countries. Please be aware that students or staff involved in mobility programmes or projects may be temporarily prevented from leaving or returning to Switzerland.

The Federal Council has called on Swiss travellers – which excludes anyone who is a resident abroad, even temporarily – to return home quickly. People who want to return from abroad but are still blocked from travelling should register as soon as possible in the “Travel Admin” app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) 

Please also ask the embassy or consulate of the destination and transit countries about any measures that are in force and comply with any directives issued by the authorities locally.

By way of a reminder, Movetia's departments have provided the project teams with the necessary information concerning the terms and procedures with respect to cancelling or interrupting mobility arrangements. Movetia will apply the principle of force majeure for any extraordinary costs incurred by you resulting from the non-performance of activities (e.g. cancellation or postponement of a trip, curtailment of a stay due to early return, cancellation of conferences or educational events, etc.). This principle allows for the reimbursement of costs thus incurred up to the maximum amount of the grant awarded.