Twelve apprentices from the Bildungszentrum Interlaken bzi and the Jobelmann School Stade took part in a mobility project in autumn 2018. Now, they’ve received a “Europass Mobility” for their achievement.

In autumn 2018, the six carpentry and joinery apprentices from the Bildungszentrum Interlaken (vocational education and training centre) and six from the Jobelmann School in Stade, Germany, took part in a mobility project. The exchange was also supported by the Carpenters’ and Joiners’ Trade Guild Stade and the Association of Master Carpenters and Joiners Bernese Oberland (SBO) and organised by the Bildungszentrum Interlaken bzi. It was funded by Movetia.

This wasn’t the first time that the Bildungszentrum Interlaken bzi had carried out a mobility project within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+. The project was already very well received in 2017, so repeating it seemed the obvious thing to do. The project includes a three-week work placement in foreign host companies providing training, under the heading “Live, learn and work abroad”.

At the end of the mobility project, in March 2019 the mobility participants were presented with the Europass Mobility document. The “Europass Mobility” document is a record of periods spent learning in another European country and is a useful accreditation with added value. Participants can provide proof of the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their period abroad. And when companies receive applications, it’s easy for them to understand the quality of the skills learned and tasks carried out.

What happens next? The Bildungszentrum Interlaken bzi is already planning further projects under the title “Move bzi”. In collaboration with interested organisations and institutions, Movetia is getting closer to achieving its objective of making exchange and mobility an integral part of education policy, step by step