36 National Agencies of Erasmus+: How to measure the impact of Erasmus+ Youth in Action programmes? In order to do just that, Movetia recently joined the self-governed European research network “Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes” (RAY Network).

The RAY Network was founded on the initiative of the Austrian National Agency of the Erasmus+ in order to develop joint transnational research activities related to the Youth in Action Programme. It produces reliable evidence to better understand processes and outcomes in youth work and non-formal education. In order to do so, all participants and project leaders having participated in mobility projects funded by Movetia will evaluate their experience and learnings in a European survey.

Various objectives

The main objectives of RAY are:

  • to contribute to quality assurance and quality development in the implementation of Youth in Action;
  • to contribute to evidence-based and research-informed youth policy development;
  • to contribute to the recognition of non-formal education and learning in the youth field, in particular in the context of international youth work;
  • to promote dialogue between research, policy and practice in the youth field.

An open network

The RAY-network started in 2008 with a handful of National Agencies and their researchers and it has now grown to a network with 34 countries involved, working on seven research projects.

We are looking forward to the new insights our participation in this research network will produce.