The importance of soft skills on the employment market has been increasing steadily over the last few years, as shown by an analysis of job vacancy advertisements. The demand for a high level of inner drive has surged in recent years. At the same time, however, requirements are also growing for professional and technical skills and experience.

Source: Panorama magazine

Ann-Sophie Gnehm from the Swiss Stellenmarkt-Monitor (Job Market Index) has written a fascinating article in the “Panorama” magazine about the importance of soft skills on the employment market. Methodological competencies, self-competence and social skills are equally sought-after and, increasingly frequently, are being called for in job vacancy advertisements.

The experience of going on an exchange has been proven to strengthen a job-seeker’s personal profile. Many soft skills are broadened in our interaction with other people and cultures. An additional asset for the future.

The following 14 soft skills from a list drawn up by Pôle Emploi (the French national employment agency) are the most frequently requested on the Swiss Website

Soft Skills Frequency in job vacancy advertisements
1. Team spirit 1551 jobs
2.  Independence 1010 jobs
3. Organisational talent 848 jobs
4. Communication skills​​​​​​​ 558 jobs
5. Precision 549 jobs
6. Resilience 334 jobs
7. Creativity 231 jobs
8. Adaptability 198 jobs
9. Curiosity 97 jobs
10. Perseverance 54 jobs
11. Ability to react 50 jobs
12. Decisiveness 43 jobs
13. Negotiating skills 23 jobs
14. Objectivity 17 jobs