In order to send volunteers abroad or to receive them within the framework of a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project, organisations in Switzerland need to be accredited by Movetia. The new guide offers support to interested organisations for applying and for the accreditation process.

The European Voluntary Service is a mobility project in which, for a period of time, young people live in another country and work there in a non-profit-making organisation. For organisations that are looking closely at the programme for the first time and are considering the possibility of sending volunteers abroad or receiving them, numerous questions arise: What criteria apply to European Voluntary Service periods and in what way do they differ from work placement traineeships? What added value does an EVS offer the volunteers and the participating organisations? And how can interested institutions and organisations obtain accreditation? In order to answer these and other questions and to assist interested organisations with applying for accreditation as an EVS organisation, a guide is now available. It contains all the necessary information on EVS and the processes, as well as further links and points of contact. You can download the guide (available in German and French) here.

Movetia does not arrange any voluntary service placements. Young people interested in completing an EVS period can contact Eurodesk Switzerland.