The year got underway with events held by both the Swiss Liaison Office SwissCore and the international organisation Academic Cooperation Association ACA. The objective of both events was to present the latest developments in the European funding programmes for education and research, Erasmus 2021–27 and HorizonEurope. Movetia was there and has summarised key points here.

The first day of the SwissCore Research & Innovation Seminar was packed with information on HorizonEurope, the EU-level framework programme for research. Like Erasmus+, it will be launched in the coming year with a new generation of programmes.

Representatives of SwissCore, of the Mission of Switzerland to the EU and of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation presented the differences between the current programme and the successor package and discussed the Swiss position. The audience was provided with valuable first-hand information, particularly with regard to the association modalities for third countries such as Switzerland, by EU Parliamentarian Maria da Graça Carvalho.

The following day Movetia attended the annual ACA event titled “What’s New in Brussels”. The focus of the day was on the successor programme to Erasmus+, Erasmus 2021–27: how is the programme developing and what existing and new activities and funding options are available? What is the relationship between Strategic Partnerships, Joint Degree programmes and the European Universities, when it comes to establishing long-term, sustainable collaboration between universities for the benefit of an innovative European Higher Education Area?

These and other aspects were presented by the European Commission and discussed in the audience. The lunch break as well as an afternoon break-out session in small groups gave delegates an opportunity for discussion and for some European-level networking.

A brief summary of key facts for Swiss educational institutions is provided by Movetia here:

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