Host schools and tasks

Places are arranged for the language assistants at various school levels depending on the host country. In individual cases, the language assistant can be assigned to more than one school in order to offer him/her a more varied range of responsibilities or to take into account the requirements of several schools. An agreement is signed between the language assistant and the school authorities. In the agreement, the terms and conditions of employment and the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract are set out.

The school authorities designate a mentor (male or female), who is responsible for looking after the professional and personal welfare of the language assistant. They also define - in consultation with the language assistant - the responsibilities to be assumed by him/her. 

Period of employment and working hours

Depending on the host country, the period of employment is between six and ten months. The teaching commitment is 12 hours a week.

Seminars and survey

Before their departure and at the beginning of their stay in the host country, the language assistants are prepared, within the framework of preparatory and introductory seminars, for their work. At the end of the assistantship period, the participants are asked to take part in a survey and to assess their experiences. This survey is for the purpose of quality control and to improve the provision.  

Milestones of the application and placement process

  1. Read the country-specific information and check whether all the application criteria have been met.
  2. Registration in the online application tool and submit application online. 
  3. Movetia examines the application file and decides either on the strength of the submitted documents and, if necessary, an interview. After that, the candidates receive a written notification of the decision. At the same time, Movetia sends out detailed information on the further placement process.
  4. In the case of an acceptance, Movetia passes the application on to the partner organisation abroad.
  5. The partner organisation refers the participants to a regional authority or a host school. 
  6. In June, the participants take part in a preparatory seminar organised by Movetia.
  7. The participants look for accommodation themselves and take care of the necessary formalities with the authorities in their own country and abroad.