In 2019, Movetia took an interest in the so-called "green" initiatives launched by Swiss higher education institutions. Now, two years later, interest in greener mobility has grown. This has been demonstrated by the creation of specific pages and working groups on this topic.

Movetia had looked at these good practices in its factsheet «Greener Mobility best practices: Let’s get inspired!». Today, other initiatives have been added to the list. 

New examples

Examples to keep following

  • ETH Zürich: "Stay grounded, keep connected" – a comprehensive project with a clear objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. A large number of documents and links are available on the web page.
  • EPF Lausanne: "Travel Less, Without Loss" is a complete project with recommendations, studies, documents and useful materials.
  • Universität Basel: "Less for more" air travel project – useful documents on the web page.
  • Université de Neuchâtel: CO2 taxes reinvested in sustainable projects, individual commitments signed and publicly displayed by university staff and students. Video from the rectorate.
  • Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK: Strategy development and comprehensive reporting on mobility.
  • Université de Genève: Business travel policy with clear bans and CO2 emission reduction targets.