More environmentally-responsible mobility within the higher education sector! No fewer than 150 stakeholders in the education sector from Switzerland and throughout Europe interested in this topical issue participated in the “Making Higher Education Institutions’ exchange and mobility greener” webinar organised on 28 April by SwissCore, ESN international and Movetia. Anyone interested can watch the videos, read the summary of the conferences and continue the discussion via #GreenerMobilityExchange.

The organisers of this virtual forum brought together 150 participants and 4 speakers for one and a half hours to discuss greener mobility within higher education institutions. How can the desire to increase international mobility be reconciled with the need to reduce the environmental footprint this mobility leaves? The speakers tried to answer this question. With its “Stay grounded, keep connected” flagship project focusing on air travel led by Dr Susann Görlingerl, for example, the ETH in Zurich inspired the public by exploring a tangible and highly-structured application. Prof. Robin Shields, from the University of Bristol, stressed the need to take the costs of international travel in the higher education sector into account based on the knowledge currently available to us. The new “green” measures incorporated into the future European mobility programme also gave rise to a debate on this issue, which is a hot topic of discussion among student associations.

Let’s share!

Discover the summary and all the videos and PDF files of the presentations on the ESN international page. Do you have examples of best practices or would you like to ask a question? Feel free to continue the discussion on the social networks using #GreenerMobilityExchange!

Changing habits: the e-event

Initially scheduled to be held (physically) in Brussels, this event has been transformed into an online forum. The current crisis provides us with an opportunity to test other means of communication, a chance to explore. This approach fits perfectly with a greener event organisation policy!

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