The measures taken to stem the spread of the coronavirus are having a dramatic impact on our everyday lives and forcing us to try out new forms of interaction. With the closure of educational institutions, students, apprentices and schoolchildren are having to adapt and get used to attending classes remotely via online courses, where they’re provided.

Movetia has put together some tips and tricks to help you get through this very unusual situation.

A place to learn

Identify an area in your home where you can learn comfortably. Choose a table and chair that are as ergonomic as possible. Adequate light is also very important to prevent your eyes from getting tired. Keep your personal belongings tidy to reduce distractions to a minimum.

Daily schedule and routine

Structure your days around your lessons (live or recorded) in the same way as you did before your classes were cancelled. Maintain a daily rhythm by getting up at the same time every morning and dressing as if you were going to class (don’t stay in your pyjamas all day). When you’ve finished studying for the day, pack up your study materials and do something different. Follow a regular routine and spread the various lessons over several days. Avoid watching all videos for the first time right before the exam period.

Technology and online courses

Check that your computer equipment will let you follow the online courses without difficulty. Do the sound and webcam work properly? If you encounter any problems, contact your educational institution. Take notes during the lesson and put any questions to the teacher right away or wait until afterwards. Each course has its own form of interaction, so find out the details for yourself!


Treat yourself to regular breaks to have a drink and clear your head. If possible, go out onto the balcony or breathe in fresh air at the window. It is also important to air your room after a lesson.

Social contact and dealing with stress

You’re not alone in this situation! Set up discussion groups with other people from your class to chat about the lesson or share how you’re dealing with the situation. It’s quite possible that the current circumstances are fairly stressful for you, that you’re finding isolation tough and/or that following the online lessons is worrying you. This is absolutely normal in such an exceptional situation. Call your loved ones or write to them, and talk about it. Take a deep breath and go for a little walk in the fresh air.

As a general rule

Keep a minimum distance of two metres from other people and wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. Also remember to eat a healthy and balanced diet to strengthen your immune system!