The European Association for International Education (EAIE), one of the most influential actors in the field of internationalisation of higher education, is renewing its membership. Amanda Crameri from Movetia and several Swiss candidates are in the running. 

Through its Expert Community Steering groups and various platforms, the EAIE provides a real ecosystem in which the field of internationalisation is shaped. Through the networking of experts, good practices and innovative ideas are shared on a large scale to build an international, equitable and open education. Each member of the different Steering groups represents a country, a culture, a field and an institution. Voting for a candidate means choosing an element that will compose the higher education landscape of tomorrow. Every vote for a Swiss candidate is therefore essential.

Elections open until 10 June 2022

In addition to the appointment of a new vice-president, a number of positions in the Expert Community Steering groups will be filled. Several Swiss candidates from the higher education sector are standing for election:

  • Amanda Crameri, Head of Division Higher education at the national agency Movetia, candidate (outgoing) for the expert group European Collaborative Programmes
  • Prof. Robert Buttery, Head of International Relations at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, candidate (outgoing) for the General Council #VoteRobert4GC   
  • Erich Thaler, Head of the Global Networks and Partnerships Unit at the University of Basel, candidate for the General Council and (outgoing) member of the Cooperation for Development expert group
  • Prof. Andrea Wehrli, Professor of Law at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, candidate (outgoing) for the expert group Language and Culture
  • Herwig Dämon, Head of Public Affairs and Communication at the University of St. Gallen, candidate for the expert group Marketing & Recruitment

It is essential for Switzerland to be present in international bodies. To represent Switzerland, vote for good ambassadors

Amanda Crameri is standing for re-election

Amanda Crameri, Head of Division Higher education at Movetia, is standing for re-election to continue her work as a member of the European Collaborative Programmes expert group within the European Association for International Education. Interview with Amanda Crameri in three questions:

- How would you sum up the last two years in the European Collaborative Programmes expert group?

The Corona pandemic determined the working methods and focus of our group. The cooperation was exclusively virtual and, especially during the outbreak of the pandemic, the focus was on solutions to the most urgent challenges of international cooperation and mobility. My assessment of these two years is very positive. Despite the difficult context, the group was able to work well together and I found the exchange about the pandemic challenges very enriching. 

- Why is it important for Switzerland to be an active member in the EAIE expert groups?

The active participation of Swiss actors in such groups opens up access to important networks not only for their own institution, but for the entire Swiss higher education landscape. Given the current context and in particular Switzerland's non-association with the European Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programmes, the relevance of these groups has increased even more, e.g. in order to draw attention to Switzerland's special situation and to the existing opportunities for cooperation.

- What issues would you like to discuss if re-elected?

One of the main topics in the next two years will be the further implementation of the European Universities Initiative. The comprehensive approach of this Erasmus+ initiative is a game changer for internationalisation and I am looking forward to analysing the first results of the pilot phase in the group and preparing best practices for our community. And of course I very much hope that I will finally be able to meet my working group physically, at the latest at the EAIE in Barcelona.

Express portrait

Firstname, lastname Amanda Crameri
Date of birth 14.08.1981
Nationality Swiss
Function Head of Division Higher education and member of the management board at Movetia
Languages Quadrilingual: Italian and German mother tongue, fluent in French and English
Experience Over 12 years in the field of international mobility
Strengths Lively, pragmatic and enthusiastic temperament. Excellent knowledge of international mobility and cooperation in the field of tertiary education in Switzerland and Europe
Flagship project The construction of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP following the exclusion of Switzerland from the European Erasmus+ programme
EAIE activity Member of the European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community Steering group since 2020