For European mobility projects in the fields of school education, adult education, vocational training and youth work, the deadline of 03 October 2022 is the next opportunity to submit applications. The possibilities are manifold.

Interest in implementing mobility projects has grown this year. All levels of education can report a growth in the number of funding contributions applied for compared to last year. However, the available funds have not yet been exhausted and will be awarded to projects in the 2nd deadline of 2022.
Do you like the idea of offering young people, young adults or adults educational stays in another language or cultural region? 
Concrete activities can strengthen individual competences and institutional networks as well as promote international educational cooperation for the further development of one's own institution. Putting one's own discoveries into practice and sharing them with others can make the difference and provide new impetus.
Movetia promotes mobility and exchange projects in order for participants to gain insights in other countries, to familiarize themselves with other local realities, to grow personally from these experiences, to be inspired by other learning and teaching methods and thereby to further strengthen our educational system and the quality development of youth work.


The overall 2022 budget for European mobility projects amounts to over CHF 39 million (100%) across all areas. Depending on the education level, between CHF 250,000 to CHF 2 million of funding is still available for the second round of application in 2022.

Levels of education Budget 2022 (CHF) Grants approved 
in 1st round 2022 (CHF)
Remaining funding 
in 2nd round 2022 (CHF)
School education 2'654’000 1'796'402 (67%) 857'598 (33%)
Vocational education 7'500'000 5'419'741 (72%) 2'080'259 (28%)
Youth work 1'700'000 629'523* (37%) 1'070'477** (63%)
Adult education  400'000 147'320 (37%) 252'680 (63%)
Higher education 27'600'000 27'600'000 (100%) No 2nd deadline
Total 39'854'000 35'592'986 4'261'014

*Approved funding contribution for the 1st deadline

**Remaining funding contribution for the 2nd and 3rd deadline

Funding activities, partner countries and transversal themes

Funding is awarded in lump sums and is granted on the basis of concrete activities. 

Movetia supports a wide range of mobility activities 
A wide range of activities for a broad target audience is eligible in the mobility projects:

  • Teaching staff up to higher secondary level and adult educators: Structured further training, teaching observations, teaching activities
  • Pupils: Group and individual exchanges
  • Apprentices: Project work on specific themes (group mobility) and vocational internships, with or without preparatory language training
  • Apprenticeship graduates: Vocational internships, with or without language preparation
  • Youth workers: Trainings, contact seminars, thematic seminars, study visits, job shadowing 
  • Young people: Voluntary service, youth exchanges, meetings and events on "Youth and politics".

The mobility projects can be carried out with partners from the 27 EU member states, the United Kingdom, the EFTA/EEA states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as Turkey, Serbia and Northern Macedonia. In youth work, cooperation with other partner countries is possible in addition to this list.

In line with Erasmus+, Movetia is oriented towards the thematic priorities of the European programme generation 2021-2027 across all education levels. The transversal themes of "inclusion and diversity", "green mobility", "digital education" and "democratic participation" should find their way into the various projects. 
Movetia supports inclusive projects by means of additional funding for people with special needs and aims to raise awareness with tips for more environmentally friendly mobility.

Support and advice

We are at your disposal for individual consultations. You can contact us via All information on the Swiss Erasmus+ programme and inspiring project examples can be found on our website. 

On 31 August 2022, you can have your questions about mobility projects answered by the Movetia team at the project lounge. Book an onsite or online consultation appointment.

We support preparatory visits prior to application submission with lump sums of CHF 800/person. The contributions are to be applied for at least 1 month before the visit and enable you to visit future European project partners, establish contacts and prepare projects.


There are various deadlines open for submitting a project application. Start the next mobilities as early as January 2023.

Next deadlines:
3 October 2022
Spring 2023 (project start June 2023)
Autumn 2023 (project start January 2024)