VET institutions can support their learners, recent VET graduates or VET professionals in a targeted way with a period abroad in Europe –linguistically, professionally, culturally, socially, personally.

Thanks to a job-related stay in a European host institution, valuable experience can be gained and international flair can be lived. Not only abroad, but also in your own institution in Switzerland.

Who can take part?

  • VET learners and recent VET graduates* ccan complete VET traineeships (work placements) in a European host company. The company traineeship (work placement) for VET learners and recent VET graduates can be combined with linguistic preparation. Both individual and group mobility (e.g. classes) is possible.
    The length of stay is from 12 days to max. 360 days (without travel days).
    *VET graduates: start of the company traineeship (work placement) within12 months of completing a VET programme.
  • VET professionals and teaching staff can do an exchange regarding initial and continuing education and training* questions, teaching, networking, project development or job shadowing.
    From 2021 onwards, "Invited experts" from other European countries can be invited to Switzerland for internationalisation.
    The length of stay is from 2 days to max. 60 days (without travel days).
    *Continuing education courses and language courses are excluded from funding.

How long does a mobility project last?

Project duration: 1 or 2 years

Who can submit an application?

Vocational schools, professional associations, cantonal vocational training offices, enterprises and other swiss institutions related to vocational training (public or private) can financially be supported by Movetia. Institutions can apply individually or as a consortium. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

What support does Movetia offer?

Movetia provides financial support to European mobility projects in vocational education and training. The Vocational Training Team is happy to offer its support. Contact us for a personal exchange, for questions or for additional information.

Further information?

  • Institutions with a project idea can find out here how to apply for funding and what deadlines and formalities have to be taken into account.
  • Institutions with ongoing projects can find information on carrying out the project here.

Inspiration for Exchange in vocational education and training

Nuria Regensburger talks about her experiences at a Swedish company and the differences to Switzerland. As an extension to her duties in Switzerland, the commercial apprentice worked in logistics an engineering in Sweden.

Application deadlines

1st deadline: 1 march 2021 (project launch: 1 june 2021)
2nd deadline: 4 october 2021 (project launch: 1 january 2022)



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