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Everyone who participates in an exchange or mobility will return changed. In their luggage, participants bring back important (new) professional and personal skills. An exchange or mobility is a life experience. For some, the adventure will have a particular impact on their future. This is the case for Eugénie, Michele and Léa, who tell us in this 15th Movecast how their exchange experience changed their lives.

The «Movecast» from the national Movetia agency continues to emphasise the importance of exchanges and mobility as part of the education of young Swiss People, while encouraging them to discover the different cultural and language regions in a fun, dynamic and participatory manner.

In short, snappy episodes, we introduce you to projects and debates on exchange and mobility in Switzerland and tell you what’s going on at Movetia. At the end of each episode, we propose to discover an expression related to exchanges and mobility and to analyse its meaning in the different languages French, German and Italian.

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Episode 16

Internationalisation is a process to integrate an international, intercultural or global dimension into the goals of educational institutions. This is a central and current theme of our agency. Three guests from different levels of education provide insights into how they deal with the topic of internationalisation in their institutions and what their experiences have been.

(Frank Brückel (DE) 1’00’’ – 3’45’’ / Lucas Haldimann (FR) 4’12’’ – 6’45’’ / Daniel Kehl (DE) 7’10’’ – 11’56’’)

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