Thanks to the coordination unit for mobility projects initiated by the Chambre d’économie publique du Jura bernois (CEP), young people with the Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training or a Vocational Baccalaureate in a technical field awarded by the French-speaking region of the Jura bernois can benefit from a vocational placement in Germany lasting between 4 and 6 months with a view to increasing their chances on the labour market. 

Within the framework of its economic strategy 2030 for the Jura bernois, the CEP has developed a measure designed to “establish European mobility options” for young graduates in technical professions.”  This has given rise to the “Propulse” project, organised in partnership with the Centre de formation professionnelle Berne francophone (ceff), the main beneficiary, and the Forum du bilinguisme.

This project is particularly important for this region which is an exported-oriented hotbed of technology and home to dozens of innovative and dynamic SMEs. International cooperation in the field of training would seem to be self-evident in this economic landscape in order to provide young people with the necessary tools (soft skills, language, inter-cultural and technical skills) to perform in their chosen professional domain.

The resulting coordination body is therefore a cornerstone supporting the needs of internationalising vocational training and those of the economic fabric of the Jura bernois region. Via the CEP, this body promotes centralised communication for the entire region, in particular characterised by a website, a single point of contact and a brochure as well as a simplified work placement registration process, easy access to grants and a work placement in Germany optimised for the ceff and its students.

The creation of the coordination unit was jointly financed by Movetia through its support measures, enabling those institutions which so desire to establish lasting structures and ensure that a culture of mobility becomes firmly rooted in vocational training. This objective is shared by the CEP, which intends to extend its offer to graduates in other professions.