A pioneering study commissioned by Movetia to evaluate exchange projects in the youth sector has yielded conclusive results: exchange and mobility projects are of great significance and have an enormous impact on those taking part and on the organisations. Young people and youth workers alike benefit profoundly from international exchange.

Movetia has always been convinced of the value of the fantastic youth projects that are supported every year as part of the Youth in Action programme. For the first time, a scientific study has now come to the same conclusion – Youth in Action works! Two researchers analysed the answers of numerous young people and youth workers who had taken part in or helped to organise exchange projects. The results speak for themselves: the vast majority of projects were rated as very positive. The key findings are listed in the following. The full report (in german) is available here.

Anyone who has taken part in a youth exchange is convinced of its added value

Young people and youth workers benefit greatly from international youth projects they take part in

There is a huge increase in the quality of youth work in organisations involved in international projects

The municipalities and the local community also benefit from international youth projects in their region