The first ever cross-divisional project lounge was held in Bern on 31 January. The event allowed over 30 enthusiastic and interested attendees to put their questions to Movetia.

Our project lounge was an opportunity to provide information on all elements of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+. From 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. we answered questions on vocational education and training, youth work, adult education and school education. For each educational level we had a table set up with one or two Movetia employees who were there to answer questions in German, French and English.

  • Arnaud Clément and Zaira Orschel were on hand to help people interested in VET programmes.  
  • Laurin Reding and Corina Helfenstein offered advice to participants in the field of youth work.
  • Charlotte-Sophie Joye and Susan Gürber were responsible for answering participants‘ questions on school education and adult education.

Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify issues, and participants were often able to help each other as everyone was involved in the discussion. It was exciting to see the level of motivation and interest shown by participants. Many presented their project ideas and were keen to get feedback on what was good and what they could improve. There was also a lot of talk about finding partners (institutions and schools) outside Switzerland. Many and varied questions were asked, to which the Movetia team were able to provide satisfactory answers. 

Feedback from participants

Our questionnaire revealed that 91% of participants were satisfied with the answers they received. The feedback was very positive and motivating and there was very little negative criticism. What participants liked best was the personalised advice and the opportunity to benefit and learn from the questions and experiences of others through the open discussion and exchange.