Discovering things together, discussing, experiencing on site, creating, publishing and propagating: learning through experience fosters sustainable thinking and acting! Students from various countries get the opportunity to tackle collaborative projects in an international context. «The Horse» concept demands & promotes professional, social, linguistic and media skills of learners and teachers.

Since 2016 student teams have been publishing their environmental projects on the website

Meanwhile 128 exciting publications transport the newly gained knowledge and experiences all over the world - in March 2020 9'931 visitors from over 140 countries were registered on the project website !

How does "The Horse" concept work? In the run-up to a project a topic is chosen, e.g. Food & Climate. It starts with a festival of ideas, i.e. ideas, questions and visions for projects are collected, discussed and commented on.

A simple teaching and learning web-environment specifically designed as a working and communication tool is used. This digital action space enables learners, teachers and experts to work together across locations and devices: e.g. in the form of contributions, ratings, comments or exchange via video conferencing. No special previous knowledge is necessary for its operation.

«The Horse» concept offers a colorful palette of possibilities to venture on exciting journeys with an open spirit of discovery. Over the years, the "befter" method (before & after the experience) with the seven lighthouses has emerged as an orientation guide: Imagination, Research, Experience on Site, Shape & Create, Reflection, Publishing, Promotion & Getting Feedback.

The concept works and is constantly evolving. Commitment and joy are reflected in the learners’ videos, pictures, audios, texts, surveys and interviews with experts.

The aim is to further develop the «The Horse» concept and make it available to the whole world. Active Learning, CLIL and the UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as guidelines.

For this purpose THE ! association (The Horse Education association) has been founded. Interested people are invited to join as a supporter or expert in projects or to become a member.

Would you also like to venture on exciting journeys and facilitate collaborative projects?
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