Friday, October 21

Acting as a link between Switzerland and Europe to shape the world of tomorrow, the Europa Forum is collaborating for this event with Movetia on matters of international cooperation and education. 

The Europa Forum offers a unique platform for discussion and impetus between actors from different sectors (economic, political, educational, scientific and cultural) to work towards a stronger Europe. The members of the platform are active throughout the year via the platform network, in particular via ‘Förderkreis 92’ (a group of national and international companies), and meet once a year for the annual meeting in Lucerne. The 2022 meeting with 1,000 participants is open to the public and will take place from 23 to 24 November. 

Movetia's involvement 

The role of education and research in the future of Europe is crucial, and as such, Movetia has officially joined the platform (as a community partner) to participate in the debate and share its vision. To this end, Movetia Director Olivier Tschopp will lead a session on the future of education on Thursday 24 November. As a representative of the national agency, he also shares in the article ‘Generation Erasmus: The Future of Education in Europe ’ published on the platform's website, a powerful appeal for international educational programmes which he considers indispensable for developing the intercultural skills of the new generation of citizens. The Director of the Swiss national agency fervently reminds us that Erasmus+ is essential to Switzerland's future: ‘Erasmus+ is our best bet in order to achieve all of these goals, to improve the quality of the education system as a whole, and to make it shine across Europe. The young people belonging to the new generation are definitely the future of the European continent, and therefore, of Switzerland.’   

Focus 2022: ‘Let Europe Arise’ with Millennials

In a rapidly changing world, the need for new impetus for a stronger Europe is greater than ever; ‘Young ideas for the old continent!’. One of the issues addressed by the Europa Forum is the question of how Europe and its concept of freedom, rule of law, democracy and human rights will continue to develop. Millennials (also known as Generation Y) have a particular role to play in this regard. On a global scale, they represent the largest generation ever, one that is socially connected, networked, realistic and pragmatic. Who are these Millennials that will soon determine Europe's fate in politics and business? What kind of Europe do Millennials want? At this annual meeting, 50 selected Millennials will debate and shape their vision for Europe. 

Movetia is delighted to actively participate in this unique Swiss dialogue platform and to contribute to the debate on building a strong and sustainable intercultural understanding between Switzerland and Europe! 

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