31. August 2017

Movetia has found positions for 61 young teachers from various European countries in schools in Switzerland. 

For one school year, they support language lessons with their knowledge of their mother tongue and bring a touch of the culture of their country of origin with them into the classroom.

At the introductory seminar of 17th August, the new foreign language assistants were given a multifaceted introduction with a view to the forthcoming start of their work at Swiss schools. The valuable experiences of and tips from previous participants were impressive and very helpful. Their real enthusiasm for their work in Switzerland and their experience of another culture proved infectious right from the outset.

In the afternoon, there was enough time left for an introduction to language teaching methods. The participants will be teaching their respective mother tongue, English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Subjects where some assistance or other is very welcome.

With their authentic connection with their language and country of origin, language assistants add another positive dimension to lessons and support Swiss teachers. For the 2017/18 school year, Movetia has placed a total of 61 language assistants at upper secondary-level schools. The period of employment is usually ten months.

Positions are found for language assistants every year based on demand from Swiss schools. Selection and allocation takes places either in cooperation with partner organisations abroad or on the basis of direct recruitments by Movetia. In addition, Movetia finds placements for language assistants from Switzerland in various other European countries. The next announcement inviting applications will be made at the end of the year.