As part of a 16-month pilot project, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) commissioned Movetia to initiate exchange between stakeholders in international cooperation and the Swiss education system within Switzerland, as well as to facilitate networking and knowledge transfer between education experts in SDC partner countries and professionals in the Swiss school system.

With its new «International Cooperation 2021-2024» strategy, the SDC is strengthening its commitment to basic education (compulsory schooling and basic education in the context of lifelong learning). It wants to intensify the incorporation of experiences from the Swiss education system into its work in partner countries. In its international cooperation, the SDC increasingly relies on Swiss know-how and on the exchange between Swiss specialists and experts in partner countries. The aim is not to «export» Swiss approaches, but rather to provide inspiration and support to strengthen education systems in SDC partner countries.

The strengths of the Swiss school system that can be harnessed for international cooperation were highlighted in a study by the University of Teacher Education in Zug on the characteristics of Swiss public school education, which was commissioned by the SDC:

  • an integrative, high-quality public school system
  • decentralised educational governance and democratically legitimised educational organisation, which allows for locally adapted solutions
  • multilingualism and teaching according to regional national language
  • skill acquisition relevant for social participation, vocational preparation and lifelong learning
  • dual teacher training
  • high permeability of the education system

As the Swiss federal and cantonal agency for exchange and mobility, Movetia is widely recognised and well connected in the Swiss education system and has a lot of experience in initiating and maintaining contacts with education representatives from different countries. With its credentials in international cooperation Movetia is the ideal partner for the SDC’s pilot project, which aims to promote exchange between the Swiss school system and international cooperation stakeholders, as well as to facilitate networking and knowledge transfer between institutional and school representatives from Switzerland and SDC partner countries. Movetia will primarily identify suitable exchange contacts in Switzerland for interested stakeholders in SDC partner countries. The mandate started in September 2020 and will last until the end of 2021.

A radio feature on the potential capacity of the Swiss education system for development cooperation can be found at