The latest generation of the Erasmus+ programme once again offers interesting opportunities for Swiss-European educational and youth-work partnerships within the framework of cooperation projects. In 2021, the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ continues to support Swiss organisations active in the areas of school education, vocational education and training, higher education, youth work and adult education. Project applications for cooperation partnerships (successor to “strategic partnerships”), for example, may be submitted on the European level until 20 May 2021. At the same time, Swiss partner institutions may submit applications for financial support to Movetia until 4 June 2021.

Which Erasmus+ cooperation formats from Key Action 2 can Swiss institutions participate in?

Cooperation partnerships
Cooperation partnerships are intended to allow institutions from all educational sectors, extracurricular youth work and sport to increase the quality and relevance of their activities, expand their institutional networks and make their activities more international. Within the framework of cooperation partnerships, Swiss institutions can work with partner institutions from at least three Erasmus+ programme countries to share information about certain topics and develop new materials, methods, and tools together, thereby lending their educational areas an innovative boost.

Further information as well as forms for the Swiss application will be available on the following websites from 7 April 2021: school education, vocational education, higher education, youth work and adult education. The Swiss deadline for submitting an application to Movetia is 4 June 2021. As a rule, the funding guidelines for Erasmus+ published in the 2021 Programme Guide apply.

National Agencies may organise a second round of applications for cooperation partnerships with a deadline of 3 November 2021. Swiss institutions involved in these projects have until 17 November 2021 to submit an application for financial support to Movetia.

Innovation alliances
Innovation alliances promote cooperation in the fields of higher education (including College of Higher Vocational Education) and vocational education and training with an additional industry, e.g. business or research. The alliances are a further development of the earlier Knowledge Alliances (higher education) and the Sector Skills Alliances (vocational education and training). The projects are selected as part of a Europe-wide competition and around 35 projects will be funded in 2021. The deadline for European submissions is 7 September 2021. Swiss applications can be submitted to Movetia until 21 September 2021. We will update our website with more information in the coming months.

Centres of vocational excellence
Centres of vocational excellence develop European networks between institutions of professional training that are part of international networks and contribute to the development of the involved regions, in particular in the area of labour-market-oriented skills. The projects must be carried out by at least eight non-Swiss institutions from at least four Erasmus+ countries. In 2021, 10–12 projects will be sponsored Europe-wide. The application deadline on the European level is 7 September 2021. Swiss applications can be submitted to Movetia until 21 September 2021. We will update our website with more information in the coming months.

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