Former language assistants share their enthusiasm and answer questions about the Language Assistants Programme. 

How does it feel to stand in front of a foreign language class for the first time? What interests and motivates the students, what do they want to know about Switzerland? How do you find accommodation abroad? Movetia answers questions about the application process, but the programme ambassadors talk from experience – the perfect combination! They were asked by Movetia to encourage young teachers to take that same step. The former language assistants advise those interested and answer questions. And that comprises a number of advantages: the prospective language assistants have a credible contact person and can also check whether what they are expecting corresponds to reality. They can find out first-hand what it means to work as a language assistant. The programme ambassadors are happy to provide information on life abroad and what it is like to work in a host school.

For detailed information on conditions of participation, duration, teaching load and salary in the individual programme countries, please refer to Movetia’s programme description.

Learn more about the programme ambassadors and contact them directly by e-mail (see German and French website).  

France also has ambassadors for their language assistance programme. Learn more here.