Strategic Partnerships promote cooperation between between schools and/or institutions active in school education at European level in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice and improve the quality of school education and training. School partnerships offer the possibility, to realize class exchanges between different schools in Europe.

Cooperation projects for schools in Europe: for greater quality, innovation, openness

Cooperation projects of schools and institutions for school education contribute towards implementation of the education policy objectives of the Federal Government and cantons (e.g. the cantonal teaching plans). Moreover, they serve to develop quality and promote innovation in school education and to set up and strengthen international networks. Not least, such cooperation projects help to reinforce openness towards social, linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe.

What types of cooperation projects are supported?

1. Strategic partnerships

Cooperation between education institutions from at least three different European partner countries (+ one Swiss partner institutions)

Two subtypes are supported:

  • Exchange of good practices: transfer of procedures and methods and setting-up and strengthening of international networks
  • Support of innovation: development of innovative concepts and materials and their dissemination to an appropriate target public

2. School partnerships

Cooperation between at least two European schools (+ a Swiss school) for joint project work and pupils exchange

How long do the cooperation projects last?

1. Strategic partnerships: 12 till 36 months

2. School partnerships: 2 years (not including long-term mobilities for pupils)

Funded projects can start between 1st September and 31st December of the application year.

Who can take part?

1. Strategic partnerships: institutions connected with school education (e.g. schools, teacher-training colleges, special schools, etc.)

2. School partnerships: schools (nursery schools to upper secondary schools)

How are projects supported financially?

Funding for cooperation projects is generally based on lump-sum allowances for specified budget items. The amount of the subsidy depends on the duration of the project, the planned activities and the type of project.

Movetia supports only the associated participation of Swiss partner institutions in a project funded by Erasmus+.

Grants strategic partnerships
Grants school partnerships