In the current year, Movetia is funding 26 mobility projects in the sectors school education and adult education. The funded projects add up to 640 continuing education stays in Europe which provide the participants with an opportunity to broaden their professional horizons, to exchange didactic and methodological approaches with colleagues and to establish an international network.

The coronavirus crisis called for a different organisation of this year’s kick-off event. The project managers were sent a PowerPoint presentation with audio commentary for self-study to inform them of contractually binding obligations and to point out the milestones in the course of a mobility project. Subsequently they were given the opportunity to ask any questions relating to project management to Movetia staff in open Zoom video conference sessions or by direct telephone contact. A drinks reception in Solothurn will be held in November to drink a toast to the funded projects and to provide the project managers with the opportunity to present their own projects and to get to know other projects.

The range of topics of the funded projects in school education is broad. It includes, for example, job shadowings and continuing education courses for teaching MINT skills, for structuring immersive teaching, for digitisation and self-organised learning, for innovative forms of peer review, for ICT and special educational needs, and for dealing with cultural diversity. In the field of adult education, participants come from a broad spectrum of institutions, ranging from museums and non-profit associations to centres for continuing education and learning in prisons. The educational stays in Europe will definitely stimulate innovation in the educational landscape of Switzerland.

Movetia is very pleased with the high quality of the funded projects and wishes the project managers success in their implementation!

Would you like to set up an exchange project or continuineducation project next year? Follow these links to read about what Movetia has to offer in terms of School Education and Adult Education.

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