Political agreement has been reached on the European Erasmus+ programme for 2021–2027; however, we are still waiting for the call for projects and the programme guide with binding guidelines. A call for projects, including for institutional cooperation projects, is expected in spring of this year and with later application deadlines than in previous years. As a result, Switzerland has not funded any European projects for cooperation yet either. Since 2014, Switzerland is no longer an Erasmus+ country.

What is an Erasmus+ cooperation project?

Within the framework of Erasmus+, institutional cooperation is funded and enabled through various project formats. As a rule, these project formats support international cooperation (sharing best practices, developing new products and practices) between institutions in the areas of school education, vocational education, higher education, adult education and extracurricular youth work.

Erasmus+ from 2021: funding models for projects

The next generation of the Erasmus+ programme will begin in 2021. In this context, the funding instruments for cooperation have undergone some changes. Despite the lack of details, we already have some information. There will now be three types of funding formats:

  1. Partnerships for cooperation: small-scale partnerships; collaborative partnerships (successor to strategic partnerships)
  2. Partnerships for innovation: alliances (successor to knowledge alliances and sector skills alliances); future-oriented projects (previously under Key Action 3)
  3. Partnerships for excellence: European universities, centres of professional excellence, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees (previously under Key Action 1), possibly also teacher academies

In the area of sports, not-for-profit sport events will also be supported.

Which Erasmus+ formats will be open to Swiss institutions?

We expect that Swiss institutions will be able to participate in Erasmus+ partnerships for cooperation. Swiss institutions are excluded from project management.

It may also be possible for Swiss institutions to participate in some other formats. We are still waiting on more information.

As a non-associated, non-EU-country, Switzerland cannot participate in any small-scale partnerships (for all sectors other than higher education).

Once again in 2021, Swiss institutions that participate in European projects can apply for financial support from the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+. The general conditions will be similar to those in recent years.

We will keep you up to date via our website for the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+.

Why are there no Swiss projects?

At the moment, projects for cooperation with European partner institutions that have been initiated by Swiss institutions will not be funded. The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ only supports Swiss participation in the European programme. For this reason, we will only initiate a Swiss call for projects once the call has launched the European level.

Other opportunities

The call for European Mobility Projects is open. Teachers can also apply for a global project for their lower and upper secondary level classes as part of the International Classroom programme. The deadline for applications is 1 March 2021.

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