The support measures enable stakeholders in the vocational training sector active in the field of international exchanges and mobility to benefit from an additional source of funding to the programmes proposed by Movetia. The Canton of Neuchâtel has taken advantage of this to develop the move@ne platform with a view to ensuring that the culture of mobility is firmly entrenched at cantonal level.

With its move@ne platform funded by the support measures , the Canton of Neuchâtel is fully committed to promoting exchanges and mobility. In this way, by sharing Movetia’s aim of providing young people with at least one professional, linguistic and cultural experience during their course of study, it helps satisfy one of the political objectives defined by the Confederation and the cantons concerning the Swiss education scene.

This coordination unit enables all vocational schools and grammar schools in the canton to benefit from the experience of three cantonal resource persons in organising vocational placements and both class and individual exchanges in Switzerland and abroad. This platform is all the more comprehensive as it is active for all types of experience at secondary level 2, thereby generating synergies and promoting a coordinated cantonal strategy. In tangible terms, move@ne is:

  • a centralised e-mail address, a telephone number and a website presenting videos and information relating to different mobility offers
  • information on possible exchanges, language trips or work placements, both in Switzerland and abroad
  • advice on the steps to be taken in order to organise a project
  • information on the possibility of obtaining financial aid (grants, subsidies, etc.)
  • support in developing specific projects in schools (class projects)
  • the evaluation of experiences and a qualitative appraisal useful to others who might be interested in the future; testimonies, newspaper articles, reports, etc.
  • a network of contacts in Switzerland and abroad
  • an interface between the institutional partners in Switzerland and abroad

Thanks to the joint commitment of Movetia and the Department of Education and Family Matters, mobility projects in the Canton of Neuchâtel are becoming more widespread and the attention paid to such projects is steadily growing, illustrating the importance of robust structures and an exchange strategy.

As the example of the Canton of Neuchâtel demonstrates, the support measures in the field of vocational training represent an additional source of funding that has proven its worth.