What needs to be considered once the project starts?

The grant agreement between the beneficiary and Movetia lays down all the important conditions for implementing a project. 
The programme guide is also an integral part of the grant agreement. It provides detailed information on organising and carrying out mobility projects and, in addition, describes the relationships between project promoters and their partner institutions, receiving schools and students as end beneficiaries. 
Movetia is available at any time during the term of the agreement to answer any questions and provide advice.

What steps have to be taken before the start of a traineeship?

The contact between the institution and the receiving schools should be established as soon as possible in order to decide on the timing of the mobility, receiving teachers, mentoring and supervision of the students, how the traineeships should progress, etc.
Before the traineeship begins, the mobility agreement must be completed and signed by the sending institution, trainee and receiving school. 
Students who will be taking up a work placement as well get in touch as early on as possible with the receiving school or their mentor/supervisor. In cooperation with the home institution or the host school, they organise the transfer and accommodation and prepare themselves, academically and technically in their subject area, for the exchange. 

Applications for any funding contributions for special needs should also be submitted to Movetia before the start of the mobility period. 

What happens if something changes in the project?

If there are any changes, the project promoters should inform Movetia immediately. Certain changes require an amendment to the agreement. 

If a mobility is halted prematurely, Movetia decides on any possible adjustment to the grant or whether to request repayment of the grant. In addition, the fact that it was halted prematurely must be noted in the final report.

How is the reporting carried out?

At the end of the project period, a mobility project is documented with a final report. This must be submitted to Movetia 60 days after the end of the project. 
The necessary documents are made available by Movetia in good time. The forms of the relevant call for projects (year, in which the application was made) must be used for all reports.  
The trainees’ reports on their experience are handed over to Movetia together with the final report of the project promoters. 

What needs to be considered when promoting the programme and disseminating project results?

In order to ensure the visibility of the programme, reference must be made to the financial support from Movetia in any publications in connection with the project. For this, the Movetia logo must be used. This is available to you here.