Movetia promotes and supports exchange and mobility with a variety of programmes. Different target groups in the various fields of education can benefit from them. Via the search function, find the programmes that are worth considering for your situation.


Klassen aus unterschiedlichen Sprachregionen der Schweiz besuchen sich gegenseitig und lernen bei dieser Gelegenheit eine Fremdsprache. Möglich sind gemeinsame Aktivitäten, gegenseitige Besuche oder ein zeitlich beschränkter Austausch. Movetia unterstützt Begegnungen von Klassen in der obligatorischen Schule, der Mittelschule und der Berufsschule. 


Eine Fremdsprache lernt man am besten im echten Leben. Schülerinnen und Schüler können in ihren Ferien die Familie tauschen und so in einer anderen Sprachregion Zeit verbringen. Dabei lernen sie nicht nur die Sprache sondern auch die Gewohnheiten der Region kennen. Kostenlos.

Swiss Programme for Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, youth and sport and is one of the largest funding instruments for periods to be spent abroad and institutional collaboration worldwide

International mobility programme outside Europe

Good ideas for mobility and cooperation worldwide are called for here: the new international programmes from Movetia are aligned with Swiss educational establishments that wish to try out innovative partnerships and new ideas for mobility – even outside Europe.

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) / Erasmus

The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ at tertiary level is called Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP. SEMP gives Swiss higher education institutions the possibility to support students as well as teaching and administrative staff doing a study-, training- or teaching-mobility in Europe with funding.

Youth in Action

Exchanges among young people at European level: Youth in Action supports organisations and youth workers in various projects.  In this way, the participants widen their network, get valuable new ideas for their work and enable young people to have experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

Language assistants programme

Gathering initial professional experience as a teacher, while at the same time improving their knowledge of languages and gaining valuable intercultural experience: those are the possibilities for language assistants at host schools at home and abroad. Host schools benefit from authentic and motivating language instruction.


Das Austauschprogramm EchangeChœurs bringt Kinder- und Jugendchöre über Sprachgrenzen hinweg zusammen. Gefördert werden Chor-Austauschprojekte innerhalb der Schweiz, in denen Kinder und Jugendliche bis zu einem Alter von 25 Jahren mitwirken. 

Swiss-Indian Classroom

Collaborating and developing a joint project: an exchange encounter between Swiss and Indian classes inspires upper secondary school pupils.

Kantonale Programme

Einzelne Kantone betreiben Austausch- und Mobilitätsprogramme für Gruppen oder Einzelpersonen. Dieses Programme richten sich an Schülerinnen und Schüler, Lernende, Lehrpersonen oder Schulen des jeweiligen Kantons und werden teilweise in Zusammenarbeit mit Partnerkantonen angeboten. Einige Angebote stehen auch anderen Kantonen offen. 

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Movetia unterstützt, fördert und ermöglicht Austausch und Mobilität im Bereich der formalen, non-formalen und informellen Bildung.


Project description

Erasmus+ Cooperation Projects Higher education

For Swiss institutions, there are two possible ways to participate in Key Action 2 cooperation projects (Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances): As official partners within the Erasmus+ programme or as associated partners within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+.

European Continuing Education and Training

Taking part in a European training course of Youth in Action is an opportunity for anyone who would like to network in youth work in the whole of Europe or wants to implement international projects or discuss everyday issues of youth work with colleagues from all over Europe. The options offered are extremely varied and taking part is straightforward and inexpensive.

European Mobility Vocational Education and Training

From local expert to global player: innovative institutions can support their learners, recent VET graduates, VET professionals or their teaching staff in a targeted way with a period abroad (in Europe) –linguistically, professionally, culturally, socially.

European Mobility for Adult Education staff

Offering your staff a continuing education and training opportunity abroad means contributing to their personal and professional development. It also creates an international network of contacts that adds a new dimension to your institution. Mobility projects involve completing job-shadowing periods, continuing education and training (lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.) or teaching assignments in Europe for the staff of adult education institutions.

European Mobility for Higher Educaiton: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) / ERASMUS

The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ for higher education is called Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP. SEMP gives Swiss higher education institutions the possibility to support students as well as teaching and administrative staff doing a study-, training- or teaching-mobility in Europe with funding.

European Mobility school education

The mobility project supports continuing education and training, classroom observation and teaching activities for teachers and other school staff in another European country.

European Voluntary Service

With the European Voluntary Service, organisations make it possible for young people (adolescents or young adults) to do a voluntary service stint from between two weeks and twelve months, which is of public benefit and gives participants a personal learning experience.

European cooperation Adult education

Strategic Partnerships promote cooperation between between organisations or institutions active in adult education at European level in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice and improve the quality of adult education.

European cooperation Vocational education and training

Strategic Partnerships promote cooperation between VET institutions, professional organisations and companies at European level in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice and the cooperation for innovation.

European cooperation Youth Work

Strategic partnerships are longer-term cooperation projects aimed at promoting innovation in the education and youth sectors. A variety of activities may be engaged in within these partnerships to achieve a shared body of results for the participating organisations or institutions.

European cooperation school education

Strategic Partnerships promote cooperation between between schools and/or institutions active in school education at European level in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice and improve the quality of school education and training. School partnerships offer the possibility, to realize class exchanges between different schools in Europe.

Language Assistants Programme

Language assistants bring a breath of fresh air to classrooms. They add a new dimension to lessons with insights into the culture of their native country and, thereby, motivate pupils to learn other languages. At the same time, they gain initial professional experience and improve their own knowledge of languages. The host schools benefit from additional teaching possibilities.

Mobility Projects for Youth Workers

Networking and exchanges between qualified youth workers from different countries are aimed at supporting the development of quality in youth work in Switzerland.

Youth and Politics

Through transnational projects in the Youth and Politics sphere, young people experience political participation and democratic processes in practice. Together with young people from other countries and with decision-makers, they discuss topics relating to youth policy.

Youth in Action

Youth in Action promotes European exchange and cross-boarder cooperation in the youth field. Youth exchanges with groups of young people from different countries, continuing training meetings all over Europe or transnational cooperation projects for the purpose of quality development Youth in Action supports organisations and youth workers in various projects.