From project start to project conclusion

Every project phase has its own particular characteristics. For a clearer understanding, we explain the respective priorities and the appropriate Quality Requirements.

Financing arrangements

With the issuing of the grant agreement, a maximum funding amount is laid down. When the project starts (at the latest 30 days after signing the contract), 40% of the approved funding amount is paid out in a first tranche. For the disbursement of the second tranche, the beneficiary institution must prove that at least 70 % of the first tranche (40 %) was disbursed to the mobility participants. After the contractual end of the project, it is determined whether the 3nd tranche (up to the actual costs or a maximum of the remaining 20% of the funding amount) will be paid out or whether a repayment will be requested.

Project start

As per the contractual agreement, all projects start on 1st June following approval of the application. In a compulsory event for all project promoters, the documents for quality assurance of the project are presented and provided. These serve at the same time as the mobility document. In addition, the event serves as a networking platform for the project promoters.


In order to be able to guarantee quality assurance during the project, all parties involved (sending institution, participants, mandate partners, intermediary institution, receiving institution) must be informed about the plans, the skills and learning outcomes to be acquired and the quality requirements.The mobility participants undertake by contract to draw up a learning agreement / work programme. The learning outcomes to be achieved give the people carrying out the project added value and are coordinated with the education or training in the native country.With regard to intercultural differences,  preparation of the participants is expected before or during the mobility phase abroad. Important pointers regarding the country and people, insurance and emergencies as well as the names of essential contact persons in the sending and receiving institution should be given. This will ensure a balance is maintained between ideas, expectations and reality. In the case of longer stays abroad, following the return to Switzerland, a debriefing with the participants is also expected. The clarification of insurance issues is also a matter for the project promoters and the mobility participants.

Carrying out the project

During the stay, it is essential to ensure that the mentoring system is guaranteed. If they have any questions, the mobility participants should be able to reach the contact persons. Accompanying persons are permitted for mobility participants who are still minors. They do not have to carry out any work programme, nevertheless their stay should be comprehensibly and comparatively. 

Debriefing (follow-up evaluation)

The skills acquired during the mobility period should be recorded and recognised as added value. The period spent abroad can be validated by a certificate, an employer’s reference or the Europass Mobility Document.After the mobility period, feedback is obtained from the participants. This feedback is included in the internal project monitoring.The project has an internal project evaluation and describes the project results obtained from it. These results serve as a starting point for the dissemination, which is an integral part of the grant agreement, and to formulate measures for improving a follow-up project. The project promotion and the dissemination of the project results should, through various channels, reach different stakeholders (both potential mobility participants and education-related bodies and institutions).Dissemination material can be sent, on a regular basis, to the following e-mail address:

Project conclusion

In order to conclude the project following the completed mobilities, the Final Report must be submitted, together with all the necessary enclosures, within 60 days after the contractual end of the project (31.05.xy). Movetia checks this for formal, financial and content-related criteria.Based on the final examination, the balance is paid out or a request made for repayment.


Key dates for carrying out the project
  • 1st June 2019: Project start
  • 23 may 2019: Kick-off event for all project promoters of the 2018 calls
  • 31st May 2020/2021: Contractual project end (all mobilities must be completed by this date. Contracts may be extended by means of an Amendment).
  • End of July 2020 /2021: The Final Report must be submitted with all Mobility Documents within 60 days after the contratctual end of the project. For certain projects, an Interim Report must also be submitted. The documents can be sent as a scan by Wetransfer.

In this video, Arthur Glättli (Managing Director of Vocational Training at Swissmem) and Stefanie Fritschi (Head of Administration and MovMEM Project Manager), explain the motivations behind the project.


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