School education

Exchange and mobility in school education

Pupils, both girls and boys, as well as teachers, schools and the educational system of Switzerland as a whole benefit from school exchange projects. 

Children and young people enhance their foreign language skills and develop an interest in other languages and cultures.

Teachers and school heads go beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries when reflecting on school development, subject-related content, teaching methods, or models of educational theory. Thus they gain new impulses for their professional and personal development and help improve the quality of school education in Switzerland.

On this page, we present the various types of school exchanges in school education Movetia funds and facilitates.

A primary school class from Le Locle eagerly reports on their experiences of language exchange in German-speaking Switzerland.


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Class exchange

Lebensfrohe lachende Kinder im Sommer beim Klassenaustausch. Alle blicken in die Kamera.

School classes from different language regions of Switzerland meet up to immerse themselves in another culture and use a foreign language by conversing with other pupils of the same age in a fun way. The class exchange funding programme supports visits from elementary, secondary and vocational school classes. As part of the programme and in collaboration with various institutions in the field of culture and education, Movetia is also developing new and innovative forms of theme-based exchanges.

International Mobility school education

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An exchange project with international partner institutions opens up a wide range of opportunities for school staff and pupils: Teachers and head teachers can take part in teaching visits or teaching activities and attend further training courses. Pupils can go on learning visits to partner schools individually or as a group.

Language Assistants Programme

Young teachers can work as language assistants to experience another culture, improve their knowledge of a foreign language and, at the same time, gain their first work experience. With their input, they bring something extra to the lessons at the host schools and motivate the pupils with an authentic language experience. Movetia arranges placements for young teachers from Switzerland at schools abroad – and for young foreign teachers at Swiss schools.

Cooperation partnerships School Education

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The participation of Swiss institutions and universities/HEIs in European cooperation projects is intended to promote innovation and develop the quality of the Swiss education system as well as to set up and strengthen European networks. In addition to the Swiss institutions, at least three other partner institutions from different Erasmus+ programme countries must take part in a cooperation partnership.

Holiday exchange

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11 to 18-year-olds from different language regions of Switzerland visit each other and spend one or two holiday weeks each in both families. In the process, they become acquainted with another culture, form friendships, and broaden their knowledge of a foreign language in a fun way. Movetia arranges places for the enrolled pupils with an exchange partner in the desired language region.

International Programme

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The International Programme enables Swiss actors in the field of education  and youth work to implement projects aimed at networking, creating training opportunities or developing the quality of institutional processes in cooperation with European and non-European organisations.

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"At first, I was a bit worried and thought that it wouldn’t work out. But when I met my exchange partner for the first time, I knew that everything would be fine. Despite everything, we were able to communicate with each other, although that’s exactly what I’d been most worried about before."

Nicolas (13), pupil, Canton Jura

"The pupils learned what it’s like to work towards a shared objective as a team consisting of people with different ways of thinking: not always easy, but very interesting and often amusing too!"

Konstanze Rauber, teacher, Musegg secondary school

"It was a unique experience. I met people whom I otherwise would never have gotten to know and saw India through the eyes of people who live there."

Nastasia, pupil, Stadelhofen secondary school