New developments, volatile figures, postponements and some cancellations – 2021 has also been heavily impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in terms of exchange and mobility. The annual report looks back at all the events and highlights that made 2021 so particular. For the first time, the entire report is  exclusively available online. Only a booklet summarising the report has been printed. Similarly, Movetia statistics are now digital and can be accessed at any time on the new website

Movetia was able to build on the experience gained in 2020 despite the crisis that continued throughout 2021. New features and adaptations were introduced, which helped to stabilise funding applications. This second year of the pandemic has also had a different impact on the many programmes supported by the national agency responsible for exchanges and mobility. Most of the exchange projects were able to take place. However, some had to be postponed or adapted. Overall, the figures are slightly higher than in 2020, but still lower than in 2019. You can read more about these various aspects in the different areas of action of the 2021 annual report.


2022 – The year of recovery

There are many expectations for 2022, which is synonymous with recovery. After two years of crisis, Movetia's staff will be keen to satisfy everyone's desire for exchange and mobility, to reassure those who are concerned and to convince those who are not yet sure. To this end, did you know that several means of promotion will be launched, such as the board game 'Micro Adventure Generator’ and a communication campaign to be launched after the summer holidays. And there is even more to discover in the 'Mission' chapter of the 2021 report.

A report and numerical statistics

For Movetia, 2022 represents a new milestone on the road to digitalization. The annual report will no longer be printed in full. The report will only be available online in its entirety, while a presentation booklet summarising the report will be available  in print.

Similarly, Movetia's mobility statistics will no longer be printed. A new website has been created to present the whole range of mobility in a few clicks. Thus, the digital statistics allow you to search by location, by programme or by level of education for all the mobilities supported by Movetia in 2021. Visit

Have a great time discovering and reading!

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